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All the creatures are sexy girls of some species or another!

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Will your dirty dreams come true? Check out monster profiles, details, etc.

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Wriggle your way become tentacle attack the castle and impregnate the girls the gates and spawn your seed inside the ready holes of every woman in reach. Break through the castle defenses. Impregnate the womb of every woman to win! Obliterate the annoying men who get in your way. Strike down free-moving enemies! Wield magical powers and ring powers in battle. All actions are controllable by keyboard.

A trampling gargantua violates a heroine Torturous humiliation is wrought by galactically animated porn game tentacles The dark rise of the epic kraken kaijin assails the squadron Monsters and pleasures unknown embrace beauties in their leviathan arms.

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Story Tags Portal tentacles. Views Rating Favorite Newest. In the Kraken's Clutches Mason finds himself in a lagoon with a dominant Kraken A Hotel and Tentacles A couple is taken in a strange hotel. Tentacles in My Closet Ch.

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Happy Accident An accident in the alchemy lab leads to some experimentation. Alien Invasion Lesbian love between creatures impdegnate entirely human.

Not Just a Blob Pt. Golden Morning Yuki starts her day's work for her monster farm. The Last Flowers Ch.

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Why Leili Hates Witches Ch. Lost A young girl gets lost then impregnated by tentacles. The Adventures of Sultry Girl Ch.

Oct 13, - Poetsirrah Member Game Developer. Jul 27, ​. OVERVIEW: Assume the role of a tentacle monster and attack the town! . of monster eating girls and then have sex with them (vore, of course). or impregnates the girls/women, to become stronger & to live as well.

The Northern Outpost Ch. My Wading Pool Planned evening to relax takes a unexpected turn. Planet of the Tentacons Can Talia escape the glrls lords of a distant planet? Become tentacle, destroy the town and humiliate girls! September 4, at Fire Rod — Found at the top of free xxx 3d games south-west tower of the castle Thunder Rod — In the bottom-right room upstairs of the witch house go north of the castle, inside the wall is a door.

If you see the big gate, go right of it.


HP and MP potions can be found by defeating soldiers. HP can also be restored by standing still outside of buildings this includes the roofs and the castle balcony. Go up the stairs and upwards to the room with three men inside. Go downstairs and then to the upper right.

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You will find a room with the three men and Frannie. Silvia Go to the south-west corner outside of the castle.

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When asked if you want cqstle enter the house, say yes, then kill the men, follow her out and catch her. Enter afterwards for impregnation. While inside the castle, go upstairs and to the top-left room. They are at the right of it.

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Approach to have them run away. She is in the top-most room.

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Once the maids have been activated, leave the castle and go to the building in the top left. Then go upstairs and to the door with the men inside for an impreegnate scene. Ellie Once the maids got activated, leave the castle and walk to the top-right of it.

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She is wandering around where the path makes a corner. You can find it west of the castle. Enter the church and go up to set the girls running. She is behind a set of bushes. Atfack will attack you, so try not to get hurt too much. Rebekah While inside the church, go through the door at the top left and then up the stairs. She is in the right room.

There is a door on egg impregnation hentai right side of the become tentacle attack the castle and impregnate the girls gate in the wall.

To efficiently defeat her, stay above or underneath her if she is to your side, she will use a whirlwind tehtacle.

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Even though everyone knows they don't actually do that. But then you got your female characters.

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Tentacle thrive you'll have to go and find them. You're touching them and at first they'll resist. But eventually, the girls will go mad with lust and beg you to put it in.

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Play sex games for free art is nice, however weird their gapefaces may look sometimes. I would give this game As said, the art looks a bit weird sometimes. And I find it weird how you're not able to impregnate the girls again thr they have given birth.

Was this review helpful to you? Mating Season is a game where you walk into enemies to kill them and sometimes walk into girls to violate them. It doesn't get much more complicated than that and the simplicity is catle boon when you're looking for become tentacle attack the castle and impregnate the girls that doesn't require so much skill and attention as other games that you can't afford to pay such attention to.

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You can find different rings to give yourself special powers and different rods that enable you to cast spells, which help you defeat the enemies and maidens much more easily. The price is tenhacle little on the high side.

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Even if it's well drawn, I think it's just a touch pricier than it should be. Overall, however, it looks good and plays fairly well, so I can recommend it wholeheartedly. Become tentacle is a well rounded game with good, but not complicated, combat and interesting scenes.

The story is rather simple, but the characters really flush it out. Each one acts differently and may wonder woman henti in quicker than become tentacle attack the castle and impregnate the girls character.

All in all the dialogue and descriptions are fantastic and really further the game. I can't think of that many other games that have as good erotic writing as this one.