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I had no idea… From the thought of this, he would've had overpowered Mitsu if Nozomi didn't come to her rescue sooner. Then, he would've gotten every one of the Crimson Girls members, including Nanase. crimson comics games

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That would've been real trouble and the other girls would be powerless against him without them. Nozomi's eyes widen as a bright smile appears on her face.

games crimson comics

I'm a member of the Crimson Girls? Happy tears start to fall as the brunette gives Nanase a hug, in which the blonde does in return. She looks up at Mitsu.

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We deserve a new member like her. After leaving headquarters, Nozomi and Mitsu sit on a bench while the sun sets.

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Nozomi stares at the comice card Nanase gave her before they left to contact her if there's any problems concerning their mission. Mitsu turns towards the brunette smiling.

Crimson Comics

With both of us working as a team, no man can stop us. The two stare at the sunset in front of them.

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Nozomi blushes for some reason, probably thinking about Mitsu. She doesn't know crimson comics games, but every time she's around her, her heart races. Maybe from the moment she laid eyes on her, she fell in love with her.

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And that's why she had the courage to save Mitsu. Why am I…falling in love with a girl, though?

comics games crimson

Is this…the right crimson comics games to do after just saving Mitsu-san? Just then, she feels an arm wrap around her and being gently pulled closer until their shoulders almost touch.

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She blushes furiously from that. The brunette blushes harder than before. MItsu pulls away and just smiles.

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crimson comics games I'm very glad you're part of our team. Nozomi nods and stares at the dark haired girl and blushes again. Why is it that my heart is crimson comics games when I look at this girl? Am I…really in love with Mitsu!? The brunette looks at the cri,son girl.

Is she really going to be okay with what I tell vega hunters v7 She swallows hard and gathers her courage to return the kiss to Mitsu.

games crimson comics

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games crimson comics

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