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Crusoe Had It Easy, or, "Help!, I Have Through No Fault of My Own Found Myself Inadvertently Stranded on a Desert Island in the Tropics with my Hopelessly.

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The last two endings are the ones where she initiates sex on the last day and crusoe had it easy either escape the island or choose to stay, depending on what you said during your walk with her. Disregard this comment, I hardcore porn game the information here.

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Only managed to get 3 so far. Are all 7 endings even available in this version or do you need the premium one?

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I was only able to get three. First was when they go their separate paths, second was rapist, and third was lol thanks crusoe had it easy not raping me. Those were the 3 I've got as well. Play best adult games for free!

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Mating with Crusoe had it easy Played: Cherie Porn Quiz Played: Meet and Fuck Subway Story Played: Realm of Sex Played: Subway Fucker part 1 Played: All tied up or something: Refuse to cook the fish, be nice, then rape her.

It took 3 tries but i finally got the Fun with Amber 2 ending! Im not sure on everything you have to do but the ones i think had something to do with it were that i asked "Do you want to go back", i bandaged the bite, i didnt jerk off though that might not have changed anythingi did look her over, touch her crusoe had it easy, "cross the line", but then stopped and put her bra back on instead of continuing and then she woke me up for sex and it lead to the Paradise ending.

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Here you can see all the Extensions. Toggle the button to turn it on or off.

Marble Syrup Crusoe Had It Easy - Cheated Version + Walkthrough

Available for both Apple iOs and Google Android. Otherwise you'll not reach all 7 endings in this game.

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As you finish the game go to gallery and check what you have unlocked if you use too much skip button. Please Login or Register - it's easy and free. Please, register and log in to access premium crusoe had it easy Upload your games here and Play with Pamela money with your games.

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