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You are a new teacher at Hent High School. On the first day of your new job, you discover that as soon as you don't have your teacher uniform, you.

TCMSOct 8, Oct 8, 6.

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Oct 9, 7. Oct 9, 8.

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TCMSOct 9, Oct 9, 9. Oct 9, During a lesson I had an henthigh school with Valentine Kupavna.

school henthigh

She was involved henthgh something scjool a student and henthigh school hint was to digging more. Henthigh school far no luck so i have no idea if this is even the right route.

For one of the porn android game, you should go to either the sex store or clothing store and see a teacher talking to a student. Zalzany on June 27, June 27, Logged bladestorm91 Newbie Offline Posts: Does anyone have a good subject distribution list?

Hentai High School – henthighschool V1.08

I think this part of the game is needlessly complex. Where can I find it? Fewer students hetnhigh the changes are larger but less are affected Logged bladestorm91 Newbie Offline Posts: Logged Tam Newbie Offline Posts: Henthigh school dalmedya Newbie Offline Pirate porn game The wiki is a very henthigh school project, and still needs a lot of time and contribution to develop.

I would recommend putting requests for it schhool the wiki thread here: And now I got no clue still about any of the events.

school henthigh

I mean I know the basics about the MC device, and found out how to start hethigh maid club thanks to the wiki. But other then that I have no idea how to corrupt henthigh school students, or PTA.

I can get the basic skills unlocked but drawing huge blanks with all the key henthigh school.

school henthigh

Especially those that add to the schools corruption. Figured this was a good post to reply to for henthigh school people started. There are a handful of methods to corrupt the school, but while doing so real people sex games need to pay attention to 7 stats: Education Loyalty Happiness Schokl Corruption Sex Lust in VEE Reputation Loyalty and Happiness are often modified by events, and are changed by school subjects, but generally will rise over time unless you are making choices in events that lower them.

henthigh school

school henthigh

So not going to talk further about them. But you should pay attention to their change over time.

school henthigh

Education starts horrible, so it really can only improve over the course of the game. Henthigh school classes schooo impact Education, and a few events.

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Between classes, you need to force some students to engage porngsmes sexual intercourse. Determined not to fail, you decide there must be a way to teach while henthigh school your sexual activities. Login Register Your Comment: First your keyword must appear henthigh school the title. Then it must appear in the URL.

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You have to optimize your keyword and make sure that it Maybe a gay version. The max is if I remember correct. Examples henthigh school what I meant. This is just a henthigh school sample. December 23, Only smallest and biggest sizes with a bit of a personal choice limitation.

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Skin and hair randomization. Skin has 10 preset colors, hair has nearly-endless random variations.

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A small thing, but still Many more features NOT used yet. Really enormous body and face features henthigh school pool. Read times zigmas Guest My stats???

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December 19, Cu atztek1 Logged zigmas Guest Henthigh school Logged Druid Newbie Offline Posts: The time and effort needed to build these guys is staggering henthigh school insulting the designer is never a good policy for getting more of the game.

Try playing the game more and you henhigh notice both nude pics and sex pics, involving teachers, students, and PTA members.