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Feb 2, - Play online or download My Sex Date Megan adult sex game. New meet ans Fuck gam takes place in the park. You plounge in to a romantic.

It would help though if the moves are not totally dependent on mouse dexterity. Over all a good game.

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A great deal of improvement! The moaning adds an erotic effect as the my sex date megan becomes multisensorial. Perhaps some sexy voice dwte dub the dialogue as well. This is a good game and Megan is a sex girl but once mefan get past the park its gets fun. Good game but animations need to get better though i understand its not easy.

This game is amazing, the graphics are great, the story is great, and Rachel is my sex date megan sexy! The moaning was a little bit unnatural and the animations during the sex could be more fluently. But very nice work.

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I agree with the earlier comments about the sound, though. MOre effective use of sound would really add to the LoP games. That said this is a typically well presented game.

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Game takes too long. My sex date megan tend to not like LOP games though, so this is no shock to me. This is by far my favorite game on this site. The graphics are great and the girl is HOT. Mehan is harder to find bad endings than good ones.

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Shes hawt as hell, damn nice gurl if u ask me! Nice graphics, lacks in good animation though.

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Enjoyable game, Megan is totally hot. Graphics and game play are excellent. Got all the endings no problem. Excellent gameplay, graphics, sound effects.

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Maybe another esx I will be able to, heh. Once I realised that I had to save the presents I finally managed to get through the first screen - after that the game was reasonably straight forward. I cant even get past my sex date megan first part where you talk to her at the park.

I really enjoyed playing this game.

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The girl is amazing and the sounds she was making were great. Awesome game, awesome graphics.

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Tricky, but worth it. I love how every action is described.

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I also found endings where the player behaves like a douche bag quite funny. My sex date megan one complaint is that the my sex date megan areas for a lot of the mouse-rubbing mini-games are quite small. You should make those registry zones bigger. Great game, great graphics, cute girl Again I must say that the multiple endings are great.

I really like this game the download porn games in it is so hot and the graphics are good aswell.

Feb 6, - Walkthrough for My Sex Date Megan. Concept of the game: you are dating Megan, you need to improve her mood (make her smile and don't.

Rather easy game play but very sexy. The start of the game can be tedious. Only a few of these have ym, but of them, this is the best so far. Even my sex date megan, this game is still one of the best.

Well made game with good quality visuals. Facial expressions give added depth. I really like this game the girl in it virtualsexwithgame so hot.

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Does anybody know how many endings there my sex date megan though? Wish it daydreaming with keeley longer and I wish Megan was a little more, adventurous, with what she was willing to do. I like how you my sex date megan find it hard the first 10 tries, but mu game is so good you try try again, great game!

Awesome game, Megan was hot, her boobs were gorgeous, dte the sex was amazing. Good graphics and animation. Good situations to try to get different endings.

Takes a few rounds to figure best answer options.

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Game has lot of endings. I would rather have only 3 endings but nice animated ones. Nice graphics and datd nice game with a lot of different ways to finish it.

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Nice type of game to play. This game is really fun to play with, ,egan Megan is a cute looking girl too!! Impressive artwork and graphics. The storyline was very erotic as well.

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This is a really great game. The animations could use some tweaking. Not to mention coupled with the amasing my sex date megan and sexy babe. The comment rules are like these game; Quality before Quantity. Quantity with Quality is great though.

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This online sex game has lots of sexual scenes and variety of endings. Say hello ssx Megan.

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Give her a kiss Ask her to make out with you. Click on cubbard in mmy back Offer glass of wine, only if you got the wine bottle Kiss megan on her cheek.

My Sex Date: Megan - cyber sex date game

If you gave the teady bear as gift and did not use the wine I really wish I could be him right now. Try to remvoe her bra Invite to bedroom remove her shoes.

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Rub her thigh, stomach then breast. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Name Mail will not be published. Contact us Powered by Wordpress.

God damn, you've got such a great body!

Walkthrough for My Sex Date Megan

My sex date megan Megan's Skirt Move the hand on a spot on her thigh Move the hand on a spot on her belly when she looks bored Move the hand on a spot on her breasts when she looks at your with desire Show Megan the Pink Dildo mood -8! Gently Tease Megan with the Dildo There is a spot on her buttocks, -1 Slide the Dildo Into Megan's Pussy move your mouse on the dildo finally she likes it and you gain some mood.

If you play with her ass: Penetrate Her Ass you assfuck her, ending 9, even with a high score with her Apologize and Stop Ok Move your mouse up and down on the arrow Give her the dildo in the park.

My sex date megan after the blowjob in the kitchen you cum inside her mouth, or if your score is too low after you started the foreplay in your apartment http: Facial at the end http: