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Feb 25, - They're hard to really tackle with just conversation (and sex) alone. My Very Own Lith is a game about exploring a soul, and in the process.

Each of us have different faces we present for different people, and it is through appreciating these different facets of the mind that we can hope to understand a person more deeply.

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My Very Own Lith This will become clearer with time, but these deeper facets are better drawn out with external stimulus. And as any scientist will tell you, you cannot observe something without affecting it in some way.

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In interacting with Lith, you are manipulating him, encouraging certain traits. Lith has several conflicts within himself, My Very Own Lith one lies most grievous at his very core. There are many ways that he could resolve these issues, and many of them have festered strip that girl game much too long. With your help, over the course of this game, you will resolve Lih issues, one way or another.

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Each of these resolutions is an ending. The game ends when you find Lith some kind of resolution for his internal conflicts.

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My Very Own Lith is a game about exploring a soul, and in the process, bringing it to redemption. Get to know him, and help him.

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You are going to fucking love it! During my playthrough I learned my Virtual free sex games craved cocks which my toon didn't Mt so I'm not My Very Own Lith if that was holding me back in terms of content or not It brings up the menu to set the spoiler hint and text to be hidden. This game is great and deserves more attention.

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