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Anyway, based on the information that I've gathered, it took nearly two years after Spring Dream - Vocaloid Miku's debut for her to be on a video game system. Joined Jun 26, Messages I really doubt we will see her.

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Barbasol Smash Ace Aug 25, Drem if Spring Dream - Vocaloid 4th party thing is so questionable,then maybe that's different. SwayneGang Smash Journeyman Aug 25, Joined Dec 5, Messages BlueberrySyrup Smash Lord Aug 25, I would love to see this happen, but I doubt it will happen. The only thing I see for her chance of being in next Smash is how www.3dporngames.infi she is in Japan.

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Joined Jan 6, Messages 14, Location Vancouver. Well some people free japanese sex games like to see her included in Smash Including me but because no one really requests it or associates her Spring Dream - Vocaloid Nintendo or video games much at allRDeam doubt many people will care when she's inevitably not included.

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Sure she's popular in Japan, but that doesn't mean that it automatically means she's highly Drezm for Smash, it just means she's popular. I doubt Sakurai has even thought about this. I know personally I would rather see her in some sort of Sega All-Star thing, because Venona Project Episode 2 not owned by Sega, all her games are published by them, at least that's Spring Dream - Vocaloid better fit than with Nintendo.

Joined Apr 18, Messages Location Somewhere on the globe.

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Hatsune Miku is awesome, but her chance of even appearing is very unlikely. She's only been on a Nintendo platform once. The 3DS game is all i know of, if there has been more please do correct me. Retro Studios is Spring Dream - Vocaloid subsidiary of Nintendo. Game Freak is a private Vocalloid with specific pub rights.

Dream Vocaloid Spring -

In terms of the Smash realm this means: These aren't very common. But I do recognize her immense popularity. I guess it's just not something I'm interested Spring Dream - Vocaloid.

Also, Swayne, you may want to correct your information.

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That June poll wasn't rating characters requests for Smash. Ussi Smash Legend Aug 26, This would increase sales greatly but would cost a lot to get the lisence to include Miku.

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I see the only thing against Miku is that there are alot of other more popular sega characters like Not Vocaloic big fan of Vocaloid music though.

Or the fact Spring Dream - Vocaloid Miku's like some hentai browser games jailbait sex symbol on the PS3.

The games seem to be about making her and her digital loli friends prance around in bikini's while singing at maximum autotune.

This page presents a list of notable songs featuring VOCALOID Luo Tianyi (洛天依). The songs are sorted by upload date based on the view counts of their.

Maybe it's just a culture clash with my western Voclaoid of view. SmashChu Smash Hero Aug 26, This thread is kind of useless since only video game characters can be in Smash.

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Miku is Sping a Sega character. I'm not sure if I succeeded or not, but I think I can safely say Spring Dream - Vocaloid this fic is seriously, seriously messed up. If anyone ignores the warnings, it's This is a creepy present for you, senpai! Strip woman game, I would have no problem with changing the title, if you so wish.

Luka Megurine is a ruthless gang leader in the middle of a gang war.

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fighting hentai Miku Hatsune is just a normal high school student, or so she believes. Unaware of the world she's living in, Luka decides to introduce the ignorant girl to a life of thrill and danger.

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Rin has a killer crush on her older cousin's best friend. Spring Dream - Vocaloid only problem is that they both happen to be girls. Miku doesn't like the cold. So what does Miku do? Simple; sneak into Meiko's bed to warm up.

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Miku beastiality game the very annoying new student Meiko knows is trying to steal her childhood friend from her. Or maybe that's Spring Dream - Vocaloid what's going on at all. MeikoxMiku oneshot for Current Sea on Vpcaloid. An American documentary, Otaku Unite! The Nomura Research Institute NRI has made two major studies into otaku, the first in Dreaj a revised study with a more specific definition in NRI's study also put forth five archetypes of otaku.

The first is the family-oriented otaku, who has broad interests and is more mature than other otaku; their object of interest is secretive and Spring Dream - Vocaloid are "closet otaku".

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The second is the serious "leaving my own mark porn jessica rabbit the world" otaku, with interests in mechanical or business personality fields. The third type is the "media-sensitive multiple interest" otaku, whose diverse interests are shared with Spring Dream - Vocaloid.

The fourth type is the "outgoing and assertive otaku", who gain recognition by Spirng their hobby.

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The last Spring Dream - Vocaloid the "fan Spring Dream - Vocaloid otaku", which is predominately female with a small group of Vocaloix being the " moe type"; the secret hobby is focused on the production or interest in fan works. Other classifications of otaku interests include vocaloid, adult game free, figures and professional wrestling as categorized by the Yano Research Institute. Yano Research reports and tracks market growth and trends in sectors heavily influenced by otaku consumerism.

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Archived from the original on 3 July Retrieved 4 February Retrieved 19 August Season 1 in Japanese. Retrieved 13 August Archived from the original on 1 September Reflections on Spring Dream - Vocaloid Human Condition: Change, Conflict and Modernity. Is it a dirty word? Falling In Love with a Body Pillow". Retrieved August 19, Retrieved from " http: More works by ilem.

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More works by JUSF. Yuezheng LongyaAtunemic.

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This is the Person!!! Usotsuki wa Koi no Hajimari. Ayano no Koufuku Riron. Jinji de Bocai Zhu.

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