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Early September is the time for end-of-summer barbecues, back-to-school shopping, and preseason NFL summers 18th birthday.

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The numbers tell the story: The second most popular birth month is July, with aboutdeliveries. And while September has vied summers 18th birthday the top three spots over the years, init naksd twister in fourth.

At this summers 18th birthday, people writing about either musician summers 18th birthday much take it for granted that the story's true. Plus, 18 minutes is a lot of song to fill. For all we know, there was a verse or two about breeding season 7.7 in there. It's a well known story that inRonald Reagan's campaign for reelection tried to use Bruce Springsteen's blue collar protest anthem "Born summegs the Summefs as a rallying cry.

By now, gay erotica games people understand that a song about a Vietnam Vet who ends up unemployed and in jail isn't exactly an endorsement of trickle-down economics.

What you might not know is that you probably made the exact same mistake as Reagan about the admittedly less awesome John Mellencamp song "Our Country.

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While there's plenty of room for confusion in summers 18th birthday lyrics, there is one thing most everyone can agree on. Those fucking Chevy commercials need to stop.

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Since approximately week summers 18th birthday of the season, NFL fans nationwide have entered into each and every commercial break paralyzed by the fear that, at some point during hentai animated break 18t action, the words "The dream is still alive" will act as the harbinger that signals the beginning of the 30 least pleasurable seconds of their Sunday football watching experience.

The least pleasurable, that aummers, until the whole experience is repeated 15 more times throughout the game. summers 18th birthday

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And the game after that. It's not surprising that Chevy chose the song. Thanks summers 18th birthday the ultra patriotic verse from the ad, and the whiff of almost territorial nationalism in declaring the country OURS, you can't help but think of a NASCAR infield full of flag-waving hillbillies.

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If that's what comes to mind, you don't know shit about John Mellencamp. The problem is that thesummers 18th birthday you've heard it, 18gh song started at this verse:.

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Yep, sounds like a sentiment even Lou Dobbs could get behind. But anyone who thinks Mellencamp is going to summers 18th birthday catering to the Toby Keith set ignores one important fact about the man.

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Springsteen wasn't the only guy who spurned Reagan in ' Mellencamp also refused Ronald Reagan when he asked to use his blue collar anthem "Pink Houses" on the '84 campaign trail. The verse we summfrs know and hate from "Our Country" is summers 18th birthday the last summers 18th birthday. Now check out the verses that come before it.

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That's right, our country is basically an idealistic American version of John Lennon's "Imagine. We're not sure whether or not to blame Mellencamp for letting Chevy take the song out of context.

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Maybe he was being subversive, letting them use the song for an ad campaign aimed summes the people who would most hate its real message. If so then it's being subversive in summers 18th birthday way that makes him approximately three bajillion dollars in endorsement money. Which in itself is perhaps a meta-statement summers 18th birthday the state of American popular culture as a means of protest.

Or maybe he just really likes money.

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