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Contribute to Quilen/Trials-in-Tainted-Space development by creating an account ANNOxSYRI_WINCEST, For when Syri (eventually) gets written and added. .. HerSex",askRenvraAbootHerSex,undefined,"Talk: Her Sex","Ask Revnra . + flags["TIMES_LOST_TO_SYRI"]) + " games");', " Times you've lost betting to Syri!"].

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Syri is the "black sheep" of the wealthy, aristocratic Dorna family. A tom-boy from the outset, she ran away from home in triale teens and joined the Joint Ausar Federation 's army, throwing away scholarships to several prestigious universities to do so.

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During her career in the military, Syri became a combat engineer and participated in several peacekeeping and humanitarian family pornhub. She was also involved in a single, major combat drop which thus far she refuses to talk about in detail.

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Her military career ended when she wpace Commander Valdenher superior officer, were volunteered to test experimental warp field tech designed by her sister, Annofor the government. The tech backfired completely, with Commander Valden trials in tainted space syri missing and Syri being gravely injured.

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The most notable change to her body, however, was the trials in tainted space syri appearance of a canine phallus where Syri's vagina had been, changing her from a female to shemale. After being discharged, Syri's bummed around the galaxy working as porno alien engineer to supplement her pension.

Jan 31, - Syri Dorna from Trials in Tainted Space, a flash hentai game by Fenoxo She is on the second planet, Mhenga, located at the bar in the north of.

Despite the unintended changes to her body she's trials in tainted space syri, Syri stubbornly refuses to revert to a purely female form, saying that she's actually very happy Ripe form pickin way she is now.

She's currently working on Mhen'ga, constructing a huge triasl to the west of Esbeth to allow easier colonization of a verdant valley in the taited.

Syri is introduced during the afternoon at Burt's bar, taking challengers against her skill at first person shooter games for credits.

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If Syri is on Mhen'gaSteele can attempt to beat Syri for a bet of between 10 and credits. After betting thrice for credits, Syri will be more open to Steele, suggesting they bet for sex.

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At this point, Syri will reveal her cock, giving Steele a chance to back out. If not, who's on top in the aftermath is determined by a difficult aim check. An aim of 10 trials in tainted space syri better is suggested to have a reasonable chance of success against Syri. After Steele and Syri become Trials in tainted space syri and steele is not a naga or taur, it is possible to bet fo petplay in wich the loser becomes the winner's pet for a day. During her initial talk scene she will ask Steel to become Fuckbuddies this scene will repeat until Steele accepts.

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Syri has an optional talk scene in which she asks about Steele's reading habits, and offers to share some e-books with Steele. Responding positively to this will give Steele a slow intelligence gain of 1.

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After finishing Syri Quest new dialog options will unlock new dialog options including:.