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Apr 20, - A little update for the game that's been previously posted here. Favourite Wii characters are doing hardcore.

HELP 4 U Press "h" to wii scene selector up the help file, follow the instructions. Moron 1 He does a lot of music beat wii scene selector porn. He's actually really good. Steel Rod Made for morons-like the first guy.

I've been on this site since I was And the games have definitely not gotten better. Their swfs are in the rar. The credits scenes is coming later. I'm doing a bit for the different modders.

Super Wii Scene Selector

I'll post it here when it's done. Are seldctor the swfs in the same folder? After loading them wii scene selector my browser it worked fine. Still hopefully we get that version mainly because seems to flow smoother and has higher quality music. I dunno, how about Cortana. I just like the ability to do a random assortment of characters with the wii scene selector move sets hentai game want not that into anal That's ppppuprogrammer's pet project.

He's the one who was responsible for making that happen. I'm also not into anal btw. Honestly, there's surprisingly few people who really are. The people who like it are generally vocal though from my experience on the internet.

If this game ever gets a cumshot "ending" I think the entire internet might explode. .. zero suit is what makes her sexy and nude samus just seems kind of boring On scene 7(the blowjob) of the Wii Fit trainer the boob flips in front of the leg.

Would it be too much to ask for someone to remove wii scene selector but the new anal gyrations? GScot, could you make one that includes the CMC with the rest of the girls? In the CMC one, there isn't an option wiu have all the girls like there is in the mian release.

I'm just looking at a screen with a M on a cloud. Once loaded you will be asked if you want to download the file through Mega or your browser. It's literally a line. I could draw it with a crayon - and I can't draw for shit. How much work would hentai phone games be to make it look, uh Never done anything like this before, but it works now!

Currently got a good amount of the ground work for introducing swf "mods" done for the initial release of the interactive version this will support just new characters and music. Adding new animations to already loaded in characters is wii scene selector possible. However there are still a few things Hardcore Poker horny Katie need to change and fix, especially since the code base was not fully tested to have wii scene selector added in this new way.

Also as zelector heads up I likely will release an alpha build without the cum scenes being accessible. There is nothing in place to handle those scenes properly and I want the base parts of the flash to be tested as there is likely a lot that can go wrong with the modding system.

Sounds like a super final version. How goes the 60 fps work btw? Been following wii scene selector from pretty much the beginning. Since you'll be done with this project from now on I figure now would be a good time to step away from this dark corner wii scene selector say thanks for all you've done with this. If not for you, we'd probably still only have Peach, Rosie, Daisy, and Samus. Now we've got motherfucking lolis. I wish you well at selevtor that non-disclosed, full-time drawing job is.

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If selevtor don't mind me asking, will we ever see the results of this job and know that you worked on it? I'd be interested in seeing whatever you work on in the future. Unless it's Jackson Pollok. wii scene selector

scene selector wii

Wii scene selector guess I'll continue enjoying overwatch scenee until I can view this cuz the mega file will not load for me. Is it just me, or do the shygirls not have an anal gyration scene? Also, during their regular anal scene some black spots show up around the vagina. I so am looking forward to getting those nw anal animations onto Midna.

To clarify what I meant, say someone created an entirely new animation for Peach. They can't just pack it into a mod and have add it to Peach's already existing animation list. They'd have to instead add the new animation as an entirely new character instead which is a workaround that shouldn't even be necessary. I'll work on a way to add new animations as mods properly though I do feel that feature wouldn't be used.

Cards Labyrinth I lied about the cum scene transition sflector being in the alpha. Had fun thinking how it'd work and that made me go implement it earlier than expected. The selectof build will allow access to it but it will be very rough buggy, will have visual issues.

I need to really take the time to understand wii scene selector tween libraries work html adult games that's tripping me up. If wii scene selector want new characters or cum scenes, we should try to find an artist who's good with Flash CS6.

Would someone be able to remove all the wii scene selector except for the ones where the girl's ass is the only thing facing you? I assume there will be an update soon.

scene selector wii

I welector be a lyer but I am pretty sure I will info new things I discover arround It's been real fun, guys. Thanks Gscot for the faps. Wii scene selector hope I see you again in another life. I didn't make this, I don't know who did, just found this a minute ago ande wanted to share it.

Also, found this somewhere wii scene selector while ago. Isn't this that girl from the GBC zelda game?

selector wii scene

I will never understand. You don't need to understand. Can we get this for the other characters too? Have to redo the menus. That and the code is horribly designed with menu code entangled in the character manager's code. Yes it is but I'm not going to implement such a feature or at the very least for v1.

Technical ramble about how it'd be done using WFT as an example: Each animation the shirt is on is wii scene selector a different instance of the wki wii scene selector meaning removing it from one animation will not automatically remove it from the others.

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I would need to keep track of the common name that should be given for all the shirt instances let's call it "WFTShirt"look through the current playing animation for WFT to see if an object with that name exists, change its visibility depending on the setting. If the animation changes and the character is still WFT, redo the check. Then that code implementation, go into WFT's. Repeat this for all her animations. Stuff like that I'd rather put into ppppuNX which would simplify this kind of wii scene selector but like I said, it is 3d adult games download in implement in ppppuX.

As lazy as it may sound, I want to do the bare minimum for v1. I was thinking just a differentl swf for wii scene selector on or off. Going to have an alt download for a shirtless WFT and if someone wants to use it they can just porn game sites wii scene selector modslist. It comes at the cost of not being able to change the shirt at run time but it's the fast and simple solution.

That leads me me to believe she isn't planning on doing anymore. I got pretty burned out. Sorry to leave you guys hanging! Is there any way you can give us a sneak peack of what you've done? Most of the work is the wii scene selector code as when I started the interactive project I didn't expect so actually be working on it for so long. A lot of code was done quick and dirty with not too much regard on maintainability.

As for a sneak peak, I might be able to get something up soon wii scene selector days. It'll be a good at testing the asian adult games system and it's effects on the rest of the program. They'll be no music as the music playing system is not implemented as a part of redoing parts of the code base. However the new menu implementation will be in and the linked animations transition feature [used to wii scene selector the cum scenes for Fiora and Iris] will also be in.

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I hate going back to look at code that's even a 2 months old. You have been working on the project for a while so I can only wii scene selector how inefficient the first couple of lines wii scene selector to you right now. Is Emerald's reverse xcene loop supposed to be a buttjob? T Oh but I love what you Paparazzi Final Run are my flash animation editing.

scene selector wii

They are so much fun! Glad he's so chill about people doing stuff to his animations: It took me longer than I expected but I finally got a build of the ppppuXi beta ready for testing. There were a few hiccups encountered in the last few days that made me feel this wasn't ready but they're no longer a problem. Things that free adult phone games currently are the character and animations scroll menus, settings saving for settings that are currently used in the codelocking of characters and animations wii scene selector them, and the linked animation feature wii scene selector for cum scenes.

Things wii scene selector aren't finished are buttons for various features such as changing the character switch mode, the music player this beta release is silentUI for the music player and something else I can't remember.

Thank you to everyone for all your patience.

selector wii scene

There's wii scene selector more wii scene selector go but I'm aiming to finish as soon as I can. You can download it from https: One more thing, wii scene selector can change which characters are loaded by modifying the ModsList. Give it a look see. The CMC are disabled by default so if you want to see them, you need to edit that file.

Doesn't work at all. Loaded the file, it just shows a blank blue screen. I tried opening with the Flash player and then by wii scene selector into the browser; it doesn't work either way. I can't make it work on that either.

From my tests, it will work on browsers such as Firefox and IE. Unfortunately it didn't work when Elana champion of lust cheat used Chrome.

I'm looking into a solution but confirmation aelector your browsers would help. When debugging, flash ignores this flag. Probably a parsing issue since the UI shows empty panels. Use the standalone debugging projector provided by Adobe: Directory to files have no special characters in them either. Computer is Windows10 sdene the main way I open.

I can't believe I forgot to check the use network feature which it seems FlashDevelop defaults to true. As for the empty panels, that's not a mistake. That's intended to be what happens when it didn't load any character swfs which currently it can't do because they too are set to use network, causing a security access issue. It is planned for characters to be allowed to be added during runtime, so you can have nothing load at seletcor then add whatever you want, which is why the flash is wii scene selector to be like that.

I'll need to add some sort of message so it's known that no characters were loaded and the program won't do anything until one is loaded. Finally, Punyu puri tinklebell do test with a debugger projector.

selector wii scene

Regardless of running it from FlashDevelop or running it directly, for some reason the security errors were never wii scene selector so I had no clue about this. Going wii scene selector rebuild the flash projects, test them, and reupload them. If all goes well it'll be up within 10 minutes. Customizable sex games tested the latest build. ModsList is loaded now, every character loads, it works in flash projector, Firefox, and Chrome with no errors thrown.

The problem was built into all the swfs so all the files will need to be update. Get them here sexy hentai games When 2 animations are linked, you can transition from the start link to the end link if you hit the activate key Default: A during a certain period during the start link animation.

The icon that indicates this is currently the same as the cum wii scene selector gscot used for the button in his release this will be changed later. End link animations are inaccessible through the menus and only accessed by Activating during a start link animation.

The only 2 start link animations are Fiora's Animation 10 and Iris' Animation 1.

adult games flash

Scee loads some blurb of music before going completely quiet. The music player's code needs to be modified due to a few program restructure decisions I made that are incompatible with how it used to work. That's why the Music pack archive is commented out in ModsList. As for that wii scene selector blurb, it appears to sister and birthar saxxxxcomto from the cum scenes as there is no music that plays wli else.

Likely a strange interaction with how the animations are loaded that'll need to be investigated. If not then I'll seector to use mega or wii scene selector. Therefore, it would have to be modified and hosted on a site in order to run without selcetor. While not being web view able is a big loss, the advantages gained from the current system well outweigh the disadvantages. I am willing though to open the source code when the program is closer to completion so wii scene selector can wii scene selector a single swf version.

Though for all the content planned, it'll likely end up being around 32 MB big and would need some reworking to condense it into a single swf. I get a weird sound and then the flash starts. I miss the old menus: Is there anyway to get that white background transparent XD. I know I'm complaining about nuthing though.

selector wii scene

Just wii scene selector doing what you're doing. Random character mode play disable animations. Correctly single character lock mode not play disable animations. The only character that loads for me is Peach. Nobody else's icons even display. More details about what happened leading up to this might help. If there is still a problem, load the main swf in a interactive fuck games version of the wii scene selector player preferably the projector and wii scene selector if an error rapepornwebsite thrown.

It was an issue dressup hentai the save file not being properly updated when messing with the character switching modes, so when the flash is loaded up later the 2 values could both be set in a way in which they conflict with each other.

Thank you for your wii scene selector. It worked when I pasted the. Glad it was nothing major that was the problem. It is in development. Everyone is just chatting random bull crap most of the time in this thread so its pretty clogged already. Just found this http: It's pretty darn good and even has a completely new pose that I won't spoil.

Don't get me wrong it's hot wii scene selector those fucking eyes are like aliens. The eyes are normal? Blue Toadette is pretty cute too, but that holding position, though, is what really grabbed my attention. Dude should probably get his junk checked, though. Looks like he has a fungal infection.

I'm not even sorry. I also checked with the guy to se if he would mind if star wars sex game got in the interactive version and he said go for it.

selector wii scene

The holding position raises some concerns. Okay so the bad news is that the v1. The good news is that this beta version is a release candidate for v1. The menus are finalized in terms of functionality wii scene selector looks, the music player works, music mods can now be arnii games by the program, implemented various fixes to unintended behavior such as a program deadlocksettled on how AnimatedCharacterMods work this was a wii scene selector change and will require an overwrite of previous ACHAR mods from v0.

Hopefully nothing is broken wii scene selector I can release v1. Here are the downloads: A few songs in it don't have their loop points properly set for seamless looping. I would normally wait to release this but the program needs rigorous testing that Wii scene selector can't do alone and I don't want music player issues to be discovered in v1. No extra sounds included. The S key for single target animation vs switching animations has no hentai platformers relating sekector whether it's scebe or not.

It's the box on the top right. It's really practically ready.

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The only other thing that needs to be done is documentation for the modding. An anonymous person asked me on my tumblr if I could include a version of an animation from the 5th version of SuperWiiU Zelda's 11th animation. Instead of including it with the Zelda character mod, I chose to have it as a seperate animation to test that capability for the mod system. So here it is, save it into whatever directory your other mods are in and edit the ModsList.

Pulled it from v5 instead of v5 interactive, which if I looked a bit deeper into the request would have been the only thing that makes sense. Here's Sex Kitten TV Dinner swf with the proper animation for the request. Any chance you wii scene selector pull out the original two anal scenes for Zelda? Could maybe use it to try out including multiple loops in one mod file?

Do people actually want that though XD? Then open the modlist file, copy-paste in the filename, and save. I mean that person's probably 14 if he dryad hentai even know that. Chrome didn't give me the option to save as, I had to go into the page source and find that specific file wii scene selector download Just thought there was a different universal way since the save as option isn't present.

Also checked it in chrome and Save Link As How are computer illiterate people even here? Don't you guys just do facebook and reddit? I have the PPPPUXInteractive file and the file for the mod list, and I'm attempting to get it to read the file, but I cannot right click to "save as" the file either, wii scene selector I'm using firefox. Because the mod does not add a new character icon to the left side of the screen. I'm of course doing something wrong, but as far as following instructions go, I think I've done everything asked of me; with the possible exception of "Right click Save" not existing.

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